Leadership Coaching

Premise: Developing leadership capabilities and effecting sustained, positive changes in behavior leads to improved organizational results.

Your business results are tied directly to the degree that your leaders are capable, accountable, motivated, and committed. When organizations make coaching their leaders a priority, they realize  results and performance not otherwise thought possible.

We begin by developing a clear understanding of your organizational goals and company culture. We establish our commitment of promoting company loyalty and of fostering an atmosphere of sustained professional growth.

Leaders who have the most successful coaching experiences are those who believe in the coaching process and who voluntarily participate. They are willing to invest the time required and to make coaching a priority. Leaders who ask for and receive feedback and who are willing to reflect on that feedback learn how to change their behaviors. Importantly, those who share authentically and accept responsibility for continuous self-development discover the highest performance results. 

Our leadership coaching focuses on a framework for sustained success: Gain INSIGHT; Develop a CUSTOMIZED IMPROVEMENT PLAN, Implement the ACTION plan; Transition to continuous SELF-DEVELOPMENT

The ultimate goal of our coaching process is to improve individual and organizational performance by developing leadership capabilities and effecting sustained changes in behavior. We help you achieve this goal through our partnership, coaching process and expertise and our commitment to your organization.

Our Process
Our process begins with establishing a climate of mutual trust. We develop an understanding of your business culture and organizational goals. Then we align our objectives and customize a plan to fit your needs. When we work with leaders, we gather individual insight data and feedback, collaboratively draw conclusions, and develop professional development plans. We implement the action plans to build and practice leadership capabilities. Importantly, we transition leaders to sustained, continuous self-development.  

Our leadership coaching framework includes:
  • Gaining Insight
    • Using assessments
    • Gathering feedback
    • Encouraging reflection
    • Drawing Conclusions
  • Developing Customized Improvement Plan
  • Implementing the Action Plan
  • Transitioning to Continuous Self-Development
Our coaching  addresses the following key issues:
  • Communications
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Work/life balance
  • Relationship building
  • Strategic effectiveness
  • Specific problems
  • Barriers to change
  • EQ/Interpersonal Skills
  • Continuous Self-Development
We offer one on one and small group coaching formats to fit your needs and schedules:
  • On-site
  • Over the phone
  • Via email
  • By video-conferencing
The Benefits
  • Improved performance results
  • Stronger relationships
  • Develop a culture of meaningful work and excellence
  • Build on strengths
  • Develop capabilities
  • Increase ability to reflect and learn
  • Overcome barriers to change
  • Optimize productivity
  • Sustain continuous learning
  • Retain high performers
  • Attract top talent