Premise: Identifying and filling strategic skill gaps can lead to measurable results in terms of throughput, profitability, employee turnover and other key operating indicators.

Change is a fundamental reality for all organizations. As your business processes evolve and your strategies adjust to new meet new challenges, new skill requirements quickly become apparent. Likewise, as your management and staff progress, turnover and change, critical skill gaps develop that can seriously impact overall organizational effectiveness.  Given the demands and dynamics of maintaining a competitive edge in today’s business environment, even your most highly skilled employees may need skills updating.

Our customized training programs effectively identify and fill root-cause skill gaps. Using a combination of business and instructional process expertise, we develop high-impact training programs aimed at delivering measurable improvements. While we draw on our extensive experience in developing each deliverable, every training project is customized to our clients’ needs in all functional areas including: sales, management, marketing, communications, customer service, operations, innovation and others.

Our Process
Our process starts with understanding your needs and situation. Using a comprehensive data-gathering process we translate performance gaps into root-cause skill deficiencies by considering key factors including: 

Our leadership coaching framework includes:
  • Business situation
  • Current functional processes
  • Performance gaps
  • Financial gaps
  • Competitor review
Based on the identified needs and situation, we set specific goals for key:
  • People – new skills, perspectives or ideas
  • Processes – new, modified or improved
  • Metrics – new methods to track improvements
  • Results – desired impact on business performance
With a complete grasp of your situation and the resultant training goals and objectives, we develop a highly customized instructional program based on our core units. This customization process starts with embedding identified goals and objectives and aligning the curricula and assessments. We also include examples, role playing and instructional stories that are familiar and relevant to your team.
After delivering the training in an authentic and interactive way, we provide follow-up mechanisms or services to ensure new principles are applied and desired results are being realized.

The Benefits
  • Improved performance results
  • Enhanced skills and expertise
  • Committed and engaged staff
  • Increased confidence, curiosity and learning
  • Process enhancements
  • Meaningful performance tracking metrics